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Creative custom workholding designed for your metalworking applications

All custom workholding projects designed and built by Kono Co. are the result of an extensive project interview with you, the customer, where the criteria of a successful process are defined. This process is then designed, quoted, and presented to you in the form of a sign-off package. This is made up of an E-drawing which allows you to view the design we have created for you in a 3-D environment accompanied by a sign-off drawing that you, the end user, will approve. We then build and test your fixturing to insure that the design criteria is met. We can tailor a fixture to meet whatever your needs may be including integrated hydraulic or pneumatic systems as well as fully automated PLC systems.

When we take on a new project, there are three ideals that we strictly hold ourselves to. They are:

  1. The fixture must meet all requirements set forth by the customer. Simply put, it must "WORK".

  2. The fixture must be easy to operate while maintaining high levels of safety and efficiency. It must be accurate and that accuracy must be repeatable.

  3. When the fixture leaves our shop, it becomes a direct reflection on us as a company. Therefore, no fixture will leave our shop that we are not 100% confident about.

Kono, as well as designing and building custom fixturing, is also able to help you meet other manufacturing needs. Please check out our links to the left for more information on additional services we may be able to provide for you.

Here at Kono Co. believe that the quality of our product is what sets us aside from other workholding companies. This "KonoQuality", as we like to call it, is evident in all our products from the most simple fixture to the most advanced. We are confident that you will notice this as well.

To see a KonoConcept of your part and/or process, contact us to setup a project interview. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to come up with the best process to meet your needs and your budget.

Kono Co. can provide you with:

  • Workholding Design and Construction
  • Manufacturing Process Development
  • Rotary Applications
  • Multiple Part Setups
  • Turn Key Projects
  • Optimization and/or Refurbishment of Existing Processes

If you have an existing process, or you have your own fixture design and are looking for someone to build it for you, Kono Co. can help. We are happy to work with pre-existing fixture designs as well as refurbish aging or damaged fixturing. Contact us to see if this is something we can do for you.

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