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Creative custom workholding designed for your metalworking applications

Shown below are images of fixtures we have engineered for our customers. Clicking on the image will bring up a larger picture. References available upon request.

Rotary fixture

Rotary table system

multi op vice

Vise with multi-operation workholding.

Small chuck fixture

A small manual or hydraulic fixture incorporating Jergens's Ball-Lock. This system allows the user to quickly and accurately setup multiple fixtures with minimal effort.

Fixture pair

Fixture pair powered by a hydraulic screw pump.

Bell housing fixture

Double-sided multi-operation tombstone system.

Cross fixture

Cross qualification fixture.

multi part manual fixture

Multi-part manual clamping fixture

Vise System

Vise fixture. We can design and manufacture custom jaws for all your vise needs.

Six sided tombstone system

A 6-sided hydraulic tombstone system.

PLC rotary table

Custom rotary table system: chuck open/close, tailstock advance/retract tied into CNC control by PLC.

Multi-head tap fixture

Multi-tapping head fixture designed and built by Kono Co.

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