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Creative custom workholding designed for your metalworking applications

Shown below are images of fixtures we have engineered for our customers. Clicking on the image will bring up a larger picture. References available upon request.

Holder column

Fixture designed for multi-sided upright vise system.

Hydraulic Tombstone

Hydraulic Tombstone with Jergens's Ball-Lock system.

Upright Arm Fixture

Two hydraulic powered fixtures are used to machine this part.

Upright Qualification Fixture

Six station qualification fixture deisgned for horizontal machining center.

Mandrel fixture

Manual fixture utilizing eight custom mandrels.

Hydraulic Tombstone

Manual dual part fixture. This fixture is for Op. 2 of a three operation series.

Magnet Fixture

Fixture that utilizes magnets to secure the part to the fixture.

Trunion rotary fixture

Same fixture as the upright fixture to the left designed for use with an indexer on a vertical machining center.

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